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Weaved ring

The ring is weaved with glassbeads. By its construction in stitch and the wide contact area with the finger, it adapts your finger with flexibility. It is slightly stretchable, but is held firmly in place and wraps your finger. (Take the size a little above. If you take the size slightly too small, you will feel a little squeezed, but it will fit your finger.)

S* : Ø 17.2 mm, size FR 54, US 7, JP 14 
M* : Ø 18.2 mm, size FR 58, US 8.5, JP 17
(* approximative size)

If you wish to have other sizes, you can make the custom request through this "form". 

French size corresponds to the finger circumference in mm.
To measure your finger circumference with a thread, watch a short video. To compare with other international sizes, download  the chart.


with a secure closure.


Proposed in 3 versions: hooks and pierces for the pierced ears, the clips for the no-pierced ears.

In pierces, the motif is near ear, in hook, it is suspended farther. Choose according to the shape of your face and your hairstyle.

You can choose the quality and color of these earrings systems;

For any other request, go to our  "Custom made" page.


You can arrange as you like with the motifs and supports offered in our site. For more details, go to  "Custom made"  page !

Proposed lengths:

15 cm : Bracelet S or necklace of baptism
18 cm : Bracelet M
30 cm : Choker neckless
35 cm : Short necklace
40 cm : Short necklace
45 cm : Middle necklace
65 cm : Long necklace

All the elements from 15 to 45 cm finished with a clasp and a extension chain of 5cm.

65cm, chain is delivered with a clasp (without extension), Leather 1.3mm, Imitation suede 2.8mm, Deer and Organza 6mm are delivered without clasp (you can then knot them).

Example: to obtain the length of 43cm, take elements in 40cm.

ChokerShort necklaceMiddle necklaceLong necklace


Bracelet Dentelle

3 sizes (tour of wrist, approximately)

S : 16.5 cm
M : 18.5 cm
L  : 20 cm

Choose your size following the style which you want to adopt. Str > />  for tight, str > M, L/> for more lax em > (loose).small > The sizes postpones some little (2 in 3 mm max.) according to the used beads.

If you wish to have other sizes, you can make the custom request through this "form". 



Credits : Xooloop Studio